Superlocrian: A Leading Jazz Wedding Band

Are You Looking for Jazz Wedding Bands?

Superlocrian is a unique and popular crossover chamber ensemble, proud to be one of the UK’s leading jazz wedding bands.

We would love to create a bespoke performance that is perfect for your big day, whether you are seeking ambient relaxing jazz, or a swinging soundtrack for your guests to dance the night away!

Superlocrian embraces an elevated and distinctive sound, skilfully performing a combination of music from the worlds of jazz, pop, and classical music. Our professional musicians have received training at some of the world’s finest schools, performing at prestigious venues all over the world.

Our Showreel

This video is our ‘2019 Showreel‘ showcasing the best bits of our live performances.

All compositions and arrangements by Sam Massey.

The performers are:
Saxophones & Flutes: Jade Gall
Saxophones & Clarinet: Edward Leaker
Tuba: Mike Poyser
Trombone: Terry Kelly
Trumpet & Flugelhorn: Dean Wright
Trumpet & Flugelhorn: Stuart Brooks

Get in Touch

If you would like more information about the ensemble or the arrangements, please contact us using the details below:

Superlocrian Management Contact Details:
+44 (0) 7854 676889

Choosing Jazz Wedding Bands

We would love to create a performance that is tailor-made for your perfect day, and fosters the ideal atmosphere whether you are aiming for elegant and formal, or relaxed, lively and playful. We are especially known for our versatility, and are confident that we can create a performance to suit you.

We appreciate that your big day involves organisation and many details. Music is the perfect way to set the overall tone, relax your guests, and create a celebration to remember. We can adapt our performance to take you and your guests from daytime activities to nighttime dancing with the perfect music.

Superlocrian engages a wide range of audiences with its eclectic blend of jazz, popular favourites, and classical music. Get in touch today to discover how we could create the perfect performance for your wedding day. We would be delighted to collaborate with you.

Choosing a band for your wedding can be a big decision. Music sets the tone for the entire event, and finding something that will suit everyone’s tastes can be a challenge. That’s where Superlocrian comes in.

Our style is versatile, and our sound is lively, fresh, and sophisticated, appealing to a wide range of audiences.

Perhaps you have a selection of popular favourites in mind, or a soundtrack from film or television that you would love to have recreated on your big day. A toe-tapping jazz number that gets all ages dancing may be what you prefer, or elegant classical works that are the perfect accompaniment to a formal ceremony.

Whatever your needs, we would be delighted to assist you. Music can be the perfect way to transition your event and your guests seamlessly from day to night, and from a formal ceremony to party time. We can design a performance and soundscape for you that is ideal for your big day.

Our Work

Superlocrian is proud to have been identified as one of the UK’s most exciting crossover chamber ensembles, meaning that we appeal to a wide range of audiences from confirmed classical music lovers to jazz and pop enthusiasts.

Our unique style and flair saw us featured on BBC Radio Three’s prestigious In Tune programme, and we are delighted to perform for a wide range of audiences all over the world.

Our musicians are accomplished, experienced, and award-winning. They have performed with international stars on stage and in concert, as well as with some of the world’s most prestigious institutions including the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Shakespeare company, and in shows on the West End.

Led by accomplished composer and trumpet player, Sam Massey, we believe that the skill and versatility of Superlocrian’s musicians is what sets us apart and allows us to adapt to a wide range of styles, venues, and events.

Superlocrian blends the exciting and distinctive sounds of brass and woodwind to create performances that delight a range of audiences.

Six accomplished musicians — Stuart Brooks, Mike Poyser, Dean Wright, Jade Gall, Terry Kelly, and Edward Leaker — use their talent, skill, and world-class training to perform favourites and original works that you and your guests will love.

We would love to create a performance that is perfect for your event — entertaining your guests of any age, and elevating your special day.

How We Can Help

We can create a bespoke performance that is ideal for your wedding day, adapting our musical performance to suit your personal style.

Superlocrian’s extensive experience and classical training means that we can adapt to suit a range of styles and needs, whether your wedding is formal or more relaxed.

We can perform a selection of musical works from within pop, jazz or other genres, including popular film and television favourites. We can perform an elegant selection of classical music and chamber music to suit a sophisticated event, or else we can combine the two styles to suit the mood and occasion.

Superlocrian is an experienced, versatile ensemble that is the perfect choice for your big day when everything needs to suit your personal style. We can discuss your options with you and collaborate on a performance together that is tailor-made for your big day.

We are also delighted to hear from clients who are interested in original works and composing. Musical director, Sam Massey, is an accomplished composer as well as a trumpet player, and delighted to consider original commissions.

Finding Out More

You can get in touch with us at any time using the contact page on our website, or reach Superlocrian’s artist management directly via email at or through the telephone number 07854 676889

You can also fill out the online enquiry form in just a few short minutes — leaving contact details and any information about your event — and we will be back in touch promptly to discuss how we could help.

If you would like to hear our music and watch us perform online, we have a series of YouTube videos that you can discover via the following link:

From a formal dance, a swinging jazz party, elegant ambient background music and more, we have a selection and performance to suit you. If you would like any more information and to discuss your event needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Get in touch to learn why we’re one of the UK’s leading jazz wedding bands!

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