Who We Are

Superlocrian is one of the UK’s finest chamber ensembles.

Led by highly regarded composer Sam Massey, this six-piece wind ensemble contains some of the countries top orchestral players, classical soloists and world-class session musicians.

Performing top-class new arrangements and compositions, this highly-skilled ensemble blends the sound worlds of brass and woodwind from across genres in a fresh and exciting format.

What We Do

This video is our performance of ‘Nobody Does It Better‘ by Marvin Hamlisch, arranged by Sam Massey, from the James Bond Film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me‘.

The performers are:
Alto Saxophone: Jade Gall
Soprano Saxophone: Edward Leaker
Tuba: Mike Poyser
Trombone: Terry Kelly
Trumpet: Dean Wright
Flugelhorn: Stuart Brooks

Get in Touch

If you would like more information about the ensemble or the arrangements, please contact Music Director Sam Massey:

Sam Massey
+44 (0) 7854 676889

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